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Best Telegram Bots List That Will Save You Time

Telegram, renowned for its robust security, swift message delivery, and a host of development features that enhance communication, is a constantly evolving platform. Among its standout features are chatbots, which are accessible around the clock and capable of providing a wealth of useful information almost instantaneously.

As of now, there is an impressive array of bots assisting users in gathering information on a diverse range of subjects. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the top chatbots available on Telegram in 2024.

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What Is a Telegram Bot

A Telegram bot is a type of automated software that interacts with users on the Telegram platform, performing various tasks and services. These bots are created using the Telegram Bot API, a powerful tool provided by Telegram that allows developers to build and integrate a wide range of functionalities into the Telegram ecosystem.

what is telegram bot
  • Automated Interaction. Bots can automatically respond to messages or commands they receive. This interaction can range from simple tasks like providing information to more complex activities like language translation or game playing.
  • Customizable and Programmable. Developers can program bots to perform specific tasks based on user commands or triggers. This customization makes them versatile tools for various applications, from entertainment to business.
  • Integration with Telegram Features. Bots can leverage Telegram’s features, such as inline keyboards, custom commands, and rich media support, to enhance user interaction.
  • Diverse Functionalities. Telegram bots can serve numerous purposes, including but not limited to customer service, content delivery, gaming, productivity enhancement, and e-commerce.
  • User Privacy. Telegram places a strong emphasis on user privacy. Bots do not have access to users’ private data unless explicitly granted permission.

Common Uses of Telegram Bots

  • Information and Updates: Bots can provide news, weather updates, or other information in real-time.
  • Entertainment: They can host games, quizzes, or act as companions for users.
  • Productivity Tools: Bots can function as personal assistants, offering reminders, scheduling, or task management.
  • E-commerce and Customer Service: Some bots handle transactions, customer queries, and support tasks.
  • Educational Purposes: They can be used for language learning, providing educational content, or conducting quizzes and tests.
  • Social Interaction: Bots can facilitate group chats, polls, or manage community interactions.
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Travel Telegram Bots


AirTrackBot is a Telegram bot designed to help users find the best flight deals directly through the Telegram messenger.

AirTrackBot telegram
  • Instant Price Alerts. Users can set up tracking for any flight route and dates, receiving real-time alerts whenever the flight price changes. This ensures that users never miss out on a deal and can book flights at the most opportune times.
  • Unlimited Price Alerts. There are no restrictions on the number of price alerts a user can set, allowing for comprehensive monitoring of potential flight deals.
  • Large User Base. The bot is popular, with over 1.6 million subscribers who rely on it to save money on flights.

Eddy Travels Bot

Eddy Travels is an AI-powered travel assistant that significantly simplifies the process of finding affordable travel options.

Eddy Travels Bot
  • AI Travel Assistant. Eddy Travels is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, enabling it to assist travelers in searching for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.
  • Real-Time Information from Skyscanner. Eddy Travels is powered by Skyscanner, ensuring that all travel information and deals are up-to-date and reliable.
  • Destination Discovery with “/places” Command. By typing “/places” in the text box, users can discover the best travel destinations. The bot goes a step further by integrating with Google Maps, providing users with directions and locations for their chosen destinations.

Reminds and Time-management

Alert Bot

The Alert Bot on Telegram is a convenient tool for creating simple reminders and alerts.

Alert Bot
  • It integrates seamlessly with Telegram, allowing users to set up notifications without needing extra software.
  • Its user-friendly design makes setting alerts easy, ideal for those who need straightforward reminders or notifications within Telegram.
  • Users can create alerts using the format /alert time text, where time can be specified in hours, minutes, days, or weeks (h, m, d, w), and any desired message can be added as text.


Skeddy is a Telegram bot designed as a simple yet powerful tool for creating automated reminders.

  • Automated Reminders. Users can easily set reminders by messaging Skeddy with a note or event and the desired reminder time. For example, sending a message like “Email Jen tomorrow 10am” prompts Skeddy to set up an alert for that time.
  • Convenient Notifications. When the reminder time arrives, Skeddy sends a notification through Telegram. Users have the option to ask Skeddy for a repeat reminder if needed.
  • Note-Taking Capability. Beyond reminders, Skeddy can also take notes, making it useful for managing to-do lists and shopping lists. Users can request to see all their queued notes and reminders at any time.
  • Free and Non-Intrusive. Skeddy is completely free to use and operates through its dedicated channel, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with other Telegram groups.
  • Business Utility. While primarily a personal effectiveness tool, Skeddy can also serve businesses as branded content. It can engage users daily and potentially drive traffic to blogs or websites with links on improving time management.
  • Conversational Interface. Skeddy functions as a conversational reminder tool, allowing users to simply chat with it to set reminders, making the process intuitive and user-friendly.

Pomodoro Bot

The Pomodoro Timer Bot is a highly effective tool designed to enhance productivity and time management. Named after the Pomodoro Technique, this bot helps users focus on tasks by dividing work into short, timed intervals, known as “Pomodoros.”

Pomodoro Bot

This bot is particularly useful for individuals who work in sprints and aim to minimize distractions. Users can set the timer for intervals of 5, 15, or 25 minutes, depending on their preference and the nature of the task at hand. One of the key advantages of using this bot is that it operates within the Telegram messenger. This integration makes it less likely for users to miss or ignore the timer, as it’s embedded in an environment they frequently use.

For businesses, offering tools like the Pomodoro Timer Bot can be a strategic move. By providing intuitive and helpful productivity tools, businesses can build trust and loyalty among their users. This bot not only aids in personal development but also aligns with the needs of professionals seeking efficient time management solutions.

Trello Bot

The Trello bot is a highly efficient tool for users who rely on both Trello and Telegram for task management and communication. This bot seamlessly integrates the functionality of Trello, a popular project management application, into the Telegram messaging platform, offering a streamlined experience for managing tasks and projects.

Trello Bot telegram
  • Integration with Trello Boards. Users can link their Trello boards with the Telegram bot, enabling them to manage their tasks directly from Telegram. This integration ensures that users can stay updated and interact with their Trello boards without leaving the Telegram app.
  • Task Management Capabilities. The Trello bot allows users to create new cards, edit existing ones, and manage various aspects of their Trello boards. This functionality is particularly useful for keeping track of tasks, deadlines, and project progress.
  • Real-time Notifications. One of the most beneficial features of the Trello bot is its ability to send notifications for any changes made to the Trello boards. This ensures that users are always informed about updates, comments, or modifications, enhancing team collaboration and individual task management.
  • Convenience and Accessibility. By bringing Trello’s capabilities into Telegram, users can manage their tasks and projects more conveniently. This integration is particularly useful for teams that use Telegram as their primary communication tool, as it allows them to stay on top of their Trello tasks without switching between apps.

Translator Bots


Babelgram is a highly useful Telegram bot designed for translations.

Babelgram translate text in telegram
  • Group Chat Translation. By adding Babelgram to a group chat and activating the desired translation settings, the bot can translate input text into the target language in real-time.
  • User Accessibility. Any group member can activate the bot by typing /enable in the chat. This feature allows each user to customize their translation preferences.
  • Inline Translation. Babelgram also supports inline translation, enabling users to translate messages directly in any conversation.

Yandex.Translate bot

The Yandex.Translate bot is a versatile and user-friendly translation tool on Telegram.

Yandex.Translate bot telegram
  • Multilingual Message Translation. This bot is capable of translating messages into several languages, facilitating communication with people globally.
  • Ease of Use. Setting up and using the Yandex.Translate bot is straightforward. Users simply select their native and target languages for instant translations, eliminating the need to switch to a dictionary app or website.
  • Business Benefits. Created by the Russian search engine company Yandex, this bot serves as an effective tool for raising brand awareness internationally. It showcases Yandex’s technological capabilities and extends its reach to a global audience.

Bots for Telegram Channels and Chats


BotFather is an essential and official tool on Telegram, known as “the one bot to rule them all.” Here’s what makes BotFather unique:

BotFather telegram
  • Bot Creation and Management. BotFather allows users to create new bot accounts and manage existing ones on Telegram. This feature is crucial for anyone interested in developing their own Telegram bots.
  • Starting Point for Bot Development. As the official bot provided by Telegram, BotFather is the starting point for most bot creations on the platform. Users can customize their bots according to specific needs and functionalities.
  • Access to Resources. When interacting with BotFather within the Telegram app, users are linked to helpful resources, including files about Telegram bots and the Bot API manual. This provides valuable guidance for both novice and experienced bot developers.
  • User-Friendly Interface. BotFather is designed to be user-friendly, making the process of bot creation and management accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical expertise.


PollBot is a user-friendly Telegram bot designed for creating and managing polls within any Telegram chat. While Telegram offers a native polling feature, PollBot stands out for its speed and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for many users.


To use PollBot, simply type in the question for your poll, and the bot will handle the setup. You can view the results of the poll at any time by typing ‘/results’. Additionally, PollBot offers commands to repeat the poll question to encourage more responses and to close the poll when needed. This bot is capable of handling an unlimited number of responses, making it suitable for both small and large groups.

Originally developed as part of the Telegram beta testers’ toolkit, PollBot is an efficient tool for gathering opinions or making decisions in any Telegram group.


Combot is a comprehensive community management service for Telegram groups, known for its moderation and analytics capabilities.

  • Community Moderation. Combot is designed to help users manage any Telegram group, whether it’s a large group of friends, a growing work chat, or a purpose-driven community. It handles tasks like explaining rules to new members, moderating posts for inappropriate content or language, and preventing spam.
  • Customizable Filters and Triggers. The bot’s filters and triggers are fully customizable, allowing group admins to tailor the moderation to their group’s specific needs.
  • Scheduled Announcements. Combot supports recurring and scheduled announcements, making it easier for admins to communicate regularly with their group.
  • Message Analytics. For group managers, Combot provides message analytics, which are useful for monitoring channel activity, identifying popular topics, and more.
  • Pricing. Combot is free for Telegram groups with up to 200 members. For larger groups, pricing starts from $6 per month, offering advanced features for managing bigger communities.
  • Popularity Among Group Admins. Combot is particularly popular among admins of larger groups due to its ability to significantly reduce the workload by automating moderation and providing useful insights.


PosterBot is a versatile and powerful tool for Telegram users, especially those managing channels or chats. This bot is designed to streamline the process of sharing content from various social networks directly to Telegram channels or chats.

  • Wide Range of Sources. PosterBot allows users to send posts from a diverse array of social networks, including Instagram, VK, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and other Telegram channels. It also supports RSS feeds, making it a comprehensive tool for content aggregation.
  • Customization Options. The bot offers extensive customization capabilities. Users can specify the types of posts they want to share, filter out advertisements and specific keywords, and even control how attachments are delivered.
  • Scheduling and Timing. Users have the flexibility to set specific hours during which the bot will send messages. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining consistent engagement without manual intervention.
  • Message Appearance Customization. PosterBot enables users to customize the appearance of the messages. This includes creating reaction buttons or inserting additional text, allowing for a personalized touch that can resonate more with the audience.
  • Ease of Use. Despite its range of features, PosterBot is user-friendly, making it accessible even to those who are not tech-savvy.

Get Media Bot

The Get Media Bot is a comprehensive solution for downloading a wide range of media content from various online platforms. Here’s an overview of its features and capabilities:

  • All-in-One Media Downloading. The bot offers a unified platform to access and download media content like music, videos, and audiobooks from sources including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.
  • Simplified Media Search and Download. Users can easily search for and download the desired media directly through Telegram, eliminating the need to navigate different platforms and download methods.
  • Versatile Media Handling. Whether it’s downloading videos from YouTube, music from SoundCloud, photos from Instagram, or even Instagram stories, the bot is equipped to handle a variety of media types.
  • User-Friendly Interface. Upon starting the bot, users are presented with options to search for videos and music. The bot also provides functionalities to search for lyrics and direct download options.
Get Media Bot

The Get Media Bot streamlines the process of finding and downloading media, making it a convenient tool for users who frequently access content across multiple online platforms.


The IFTTT bot for Telegram is a powerful tool for creating automations and connecting various online services. Here’s a summary of its features:

  • Extensive Integration. The bot links Telegram groups or channels to more than 360 external services, including popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many others.
  • Automation and Customization. Users can set up specific actions to be triggered under certain conditions. For example, the bot can be programmed to automatically post Twitter updates from certain accounts in a Telegram group, or to send messages to Telegram when you are mentioned on Twitter.
  • Versatile Use Cases. The IFTTT bot’s functionality is not limited to social media interactions. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as receiving notifications on Telegram when your favorite streamer goes live on Twitch.


The VoteBot on Telegram is a versatile and user-friendly bot designed to facilitate the creation and sharing of polls within various groups or channels. Catering to a wide range of industries, this bot stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in gathering opinions and fostering engagement.

  • Poll Creation. VoteBot enables users to easily create polls with multiple answer options. This feature is particularly useful for gathering feedback, opinions, or making decisions within a group or channel.
  • Public or Anonymous Polls.The bot offers the flexibility to create either public polls, where participants’ choices are vible, or anonymous polls, ensuring privacy and encouraging honest feedback.
  • Simple Sharing. Polls created with VoteBot can be effortlessly shared in Telegram groups or channels, allowing for widespread participation and engagement.
  • User Engagement. The bot provides a platform for users to express their opinions and participate in group discussions, even if they prefer not to engage in direct chatting.

Bots for Working with URL

URL Shortener Bot

The URL Shortener Bot is a practical and user-friendly tool designed to simplify the process of managing long URLs. By utilizing popular link shortening services such as and, this bot effectively transforms cumbersome and lengthy URLs into more concise and manageable versions.

URL Shortener Bot


The URL to Image Bot, as its name cleverly suggests, is a unique and innovative Telegram bot designed to convert web pages into images. This bot stands out for its ability to capture a screenshot of any given URL and present it as an image, offering a convenient way to share and view web content in a visual format.

  • Web Page to Image Conversion. The primary function of this bot is to take a URL and convert it into an image. This is particularly useful for capturing the appearance of a web page at a specific moment in time.
  • Simple Operation. The bot operates on a straightforward principle. Users simply need to provide the URL of the web page they wish to capture, and the bot processes this request, delivering a screenshot in image format.
  • Versatile Use Cases. This functionality can be invaluable in various scenarios, such as sharing a snapshot of a website, preserving the current state of a web page for future reference, or even for troubleshooting purposes where visual representation of a web issue is needed.
  • Instant Results. The bot provides quick and efficient results, making it a time-saving tool for users who need to convert web pages into images without any hassle.


DeLorean bot

The DeLorean bot offers a unique messaging experience on Telegram, reminiscent of the famous DeLorean time machine from the “Back to the Future” movie series. Here’s what makes the DeLorean bot special:

DeLorean bot
  • Sending Messages to the Future. Just as the Doc’s DeLorean transported Marty McFly through time, the DeLorean bot allows users to send messages to the future. This feature can be used for reminders, future notes, or just for fun.
  • Flexible Timing Options. Users can set a specific time for when they want their message to be delivered, or they can choose a time interval from the current moment. This flexibility makes it convenient for various types of future messaging needs.

Mail is a Telegram bot that provides a convenient solution for users seeking privacy and looking to avoid spam emails. Here’s what offers:
  • Temporary Email Addresses. The bot generates disposable email addresses in seconds, ideal for users who are reluctant to share their personal email addresses when signing up for online services.
  • Email Reception in Telegram. Any messages sent to the temporary email address are displayed directly in Telegram, making it easy to retrieve one-time codes or passwords without leaving the app.
  • Automatic Deletion. automatically deletes temporary email addresses after 10 minutes, ensuring privacy and reducing clutter. However, users have the option to restore the email if necessary, which can be useful for canceling subscriptions or responding to additional verification requests.
  • Use Cases. It’s particularly useful for anonymous registrations on services or websites where users don’t want to share their real email address.

Anti-virus bot

Dr. Web

Dr. Web is a Telegram bot that enhances the safety of files and links shared via the messaging platform. Here’s what makes Dr. Web stand out:

Dr. Web
  • On-the-Fly Safety Checks. Dr. Web checks files and links in real-time, ensuring they are free from malware. This feature is particularly useful for users who frequently share or receive files and links in Telegram.
  • First Anti-Virus Bot. Promoting itself as the first anti-virus bot, Dr. Web brings a unique level of security to Telegram, a platform where file and link sharing is common.
  • Flexible Usage. Users can send files directly to Dr. Web or forward them from other chats. Additionally, Dr. Web can be added to a group to automatically check all shared files and links, providing a layer of security for group communications.

Video and Movie

FB Video Download Bot

The FB Video Download Bot is a Telegram bot designed to download Facebook videos with ease. Here’s how it works:

FB Video Download Bot
  • Simple Download Process. To download a Facebook video, all a user needs to do is copy the video link from Facebook and paste it into the chat with this bot on Telegram.
  • User-Friendly Interface. The bot is straightforward and easy to use, making it accessible for anyone looking to save videos from Facebook.

Movies Tracker Bot

The Movies Tracker Bot on Telegram is a useful tool for movie enthusiasts. Powered by @S4Dynamics, this bot provides detailed information about films directly from IMDb. Users can easily search for a film by using the command /search filmName. If the film title consists of more than one word, it should be enclosed in single quotes. This bot is an efficient way to quickly access IMDb information without leaving the Telegram app.

Movies Tracker Bot


Feed Reader Bot

The Feed Reader Bot is a versatile and efficient tool for staying updated with new content from various online sources. Here’s a detailed look at its features:

Feed Reader Bot
  • RSS Feed Monitoring. The bot actively monitors RSS feeds to detect new blog entries, social media posts, and other updates, sending notifications with links to the new content.
  • Customizable Notifications: Users can customize the bot to receive notifications from only the sites and sources they are interested in. This includes the ability to import existing RSS subscriptions using an OPML file.
  • Broad Source Compatibility. Beyond blogs, Feed Reader Bot can notify users about new posts on Instagram, tweets, and YouTube videos, making it a comprehensive tool for tracking online content.
  • Integration with Telegram Groups and Channels. The bot works seamlessly in Telegram groups and channels, facilitating easy sharing and discussion of the latest updates within a community.
  • Benefits for Users and Businesses. For users, it offers a convenient way to receive news and expert posts without leaving their favorite communication channel. For businesses, it can be used to stay in touch with customers by regularly providing useful industry-related information.

The Feed Reader Bot is an ideal solution for anyone looking to keep up with various online sources, from news and entertainment to social media updates, all within the convenience of Telegram.

Files Conversion

File Converter bot

The File Converter bot is a highly versatile tool on Telegram for converting files between various formats. Here’s an overview of its capabilities:

  • Wide Range of File Formats. This bot can handle a diverse array of file types, including images, audio files, and videos. It’s designed to recognize and convert almost any file format, making it a valuable resource for various conversion needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface. To convert a file, users simply send it to the bot. The bot then recognizes the format and provides conversion options through in-chat buttons, streamlining the process.
  • Efficient Conversion Process. After selecting the desired format, the file is quickly converted, and users can download the converted file directly from the chat.
  • Support for Multiple File Types. The bot supports 63 file types across 579 conversions, covering a wide spectrum of conversion needs, from video messages and audio messages on Telegram and WhatsApp to documents, eBooks, and font files.
File Converter bot

The File Converter bot is akin to a digital Swiss army knife, offering a one-stop solution for file conversions within Telegram, eliminating the need for separate conversion tools or software.

Cloud Storage

File to Bot

File to Bot is a practical and efficient cloud storage solution on Telegram. Here’s what makes it stand out:

File to Bot
File to Bot telegram
  • Easy File Storage and Sharing. Users can upload files to a private cloud storage space simply by posting them to the bot. The bot then provides a link and QR code for easy sharing, whether on Telegram or social media.
  • Simplicity and Accessibility. The bot is user-friendly, with no limits on the number of files you can store. Additionally, the links provided by the bot do not expire, ensuring long-term accessibility.
  • No File Size Limits. Users can upload files of any size, making it versatile for various types of documents, images, videos, and more.
  • Free to Use. File to Bot is completely free, offering one of the best free cloud storage solutions available on Telegram.
  • Multilingual Support. The bot supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a wide range of users globally.

File to Bot is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient, unlimited storage solution on Telegram, offering a straightforward way to save and share files with ease.



GameBot serves as a demonstration for the Telegram Gaming Platform. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Official Demo Bot for Gaming. GameBot is an official bot on Telegram, showcasing the capabilities of the Telegram Gaming Platform.
  • Interactive Chat Games. It allows users to play chat-based games with friends. The bot links to a few sample games, providing a fun and interactive gaming experience within the Telegram app.
  • Easy Game Selection and Play. When you start the bot, it prompts you with a message: “I can get you 3 fun games to play. Just tap ‘Play with friends,’ then choose a chat and select a game.” This straightforward process makes it easy to pick a friend and game, and start playing immediately.
  • Variety of Games. Currently, GameBot features three games: Math Battle, Corsairs, and LumberJack. These games offer a competitive edge, allowing you to challenge friends and strive for high scores.

GameBot is a great example of how Telegram can be used for more than just messaging, providing a platform for simple yet entertaining gaming experiences with friends.

Media Files

Image Bot

The Image Bot is a straightforward and efficient Telegram bot designed to fetch images and GIFs upon request.

Image Bot
  • Versatile Image Sourcing. Whether you’re looking for specific images or just browsing for GIFs, Image Bot can cater to a wide range of visual content needs.

Meme Autobot

The Meme Autobot on Telegram is a bot designed for quick and efficient meme generation. It prides itself on generating memes with the speed of “Blurr” and the excellency of “Optimus Prime,” suggesting a focus on both rapid creation and quality output. This bot is ideal for users who want to respond to conversations with a meme or add a humorous touch to their messages. While it may not be the tool for creating viral memes, given its automated selection of images, it’s perfect for those looking for a quick and easy way to generate memes within Telegram.

Meme Autobot

To use the Meme Autobot, users simply input the text they want at the top and bottom of a meme, separated by a semicolon. The bot then selects a popular meme image, adds the user’s text, and delivers the newly created meme in seconds. This process makes it a convenient tool for those who want to add a bit of fun to their group chats or personal messages without spending much time or effort in meme creation.


Rate Sticker Bot is a unique and engaging Telegram bot designed for sticker enthusiasts. This bot offers a fun and interactive way to discover new sticker sets and gauge the popularity of various stickers within the Telegram community.

  • Rate Random Stickers. The bot presents users with random stickers, allowing them to rate them. This feature not only provides entertainment but also helps in discovering new and interesting stickers that users might not have come across otherwise.
  • Discover New Sticker Sets. As users rate individual stickers, they are also introduced to the sticker sets these stickers belong to. This is a great way to explore and expand one’s sticker collection on Telegram.
  • Sticker Rating System. Users can send any sticker to the bot, and it will return the sticker’s rating based on the votes it has received from other users. This feature provides insight into the popularity and appeal of specific stickers.
  • Easy Addition of Stickers. If a user likes a particular sticker, they can easily add it to their collection. By double-tapping the sticker and pressing ‘Add’, the sticker set to which it belongs is revealed, allowing users to include it in their personal sticker library.
  • User-Friendly Interface. The bot is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making the process of rating and discovering stickers straightforward and enjoyable.

Casino Bot

Mega Dice

Mega Dice, available through the Telegram bot MegaDiceCasinoBot, is a licensed online crypto casino that offers a wide array of gaming experiences. Here’s a summary of what it provides:

  • Extensive Game Library. Mega Dice offers a vast selection of games, including popular slots, and classic table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, all accessible via the Telegram bot.
  • Cryptocurrency Transactions. Players can deposit and win real money using various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, Ripple, and Binance Coin.
  • No Registration Required. One of the significant advantages of Mega Dice is that players don’t need to register to play. This feature is particularly beneficial for players from regions where online casinos typically impose restrictions, like the US and UK.
  • Attractive Welcome Bonus. New players are greeted with a 200% deposit bonus up to 1 Bitcoin, which is a substantial incentive for first-time users.
Mega Dice telegram casino

Mega Dice combines the convenience of Telegram with the excitement of a crypto casino, offering a unique and accessible gaming experience for players worldwide.


TG.Casino, accessible through the Telegram bot TGCasinoOfficialBot, is a licensed online casino that offers a unique gaming experience without the need for KYC verification. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Licensed and Anonymous. TG.Casino is a licensed platform that supports major cryptocurrencies for deposits, allowing players to engage in gaming activities securely, instantly, and anonymously.
  • Extensive Gaming Options. The casino promises a wide range of gaming experiences, including thousands of slots, popular games like Aviator and Plinko, live dealer games, and a comprehensive sportsbook covering major sports events.
  • Cryptocurrency Integration. TG.Casino integrates seamlessly with leading crypto wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase, facilitating easy transactions with no fees and a minimum transfer amount of just $1.
  • Attractive Incentives. Players can enjoy a 200% welcome bonus up to 10 ETH and 25% cashback on weekly losses when using $TGC tokens. The platform also offers a high staking APY, currently around 450%, and a profit-sharing program.

TG.Casino stands out for its global accessibility, anonymous sign-up process, and integration with popular cryptocurrencies, making it a compelling choice for online gaming enthusiasts.

Wall Street Memes Casino

Wall Street Memes Casino, accessible through the Telegram bot WSMCasino, offers a dynamic online gambling experience with a focus on cryptocurrency. Here’s a summary:

  • Crypto-Friendly and Licensed. WSM Casino is a licensed platform that emphasizes its crypto-friendly nature, catering to the needs of modern online gamblers.
  • Diverse Gaming Options. The casino boasts a vast collection of over 5,000 games, including live casino games, game shows, crash games, and slot machines. It also supports popular sports and esports betting markets.
  • Top Software Providers. Games on WSM Casino are powered by renowned crypto software providers like Evolution, NetEnt, Hacksaw Gaming, and Spribe, ensuring a high-quality gaming experience.
  • Exclusive Programs and Bonuses. The platform plans to introduce a high-roller club and a Diamond Hands loyalty program for its most dedicated players. New members can enjoy a 200% matched deposit bonus plus 200 free spins, with specific conditions for bonus redemption.
Wall Street Memes Casino

Wall Street Memes Casino combines the convenience of Telegram with a comprehensive and secure online gambling environment, making it an attractive option for players seeking anonymity and a wide range of gaming choices.

Betting represents a significant advancement in the world of online sports betting by integrating its services with Telegram. This bot simplifies the betting process, making it more accessible and convenient for users who are enthusiasts of various sports.
  • Wide Range of Sports Markets. The bot offers bettors odds on upcoming events across multiple sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, soccer, and tennis. Plans are in place to expand the range of sports markets, catering to a broader audience of sports enthusiasts.
  • Easy Account Setup and Management. Users are required to set up a account online, which is a quick and straightforward process. Once the account is set up, the Telegram bot allows for easy management, including deposits and withdrawals, directly from the app.
  • Cryptocurrency Transactions. Embracing the digital age, accepts a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, making transactions secure, fast, and convenient. This feature is particularly appealing to users who prefer using digital currencies for online betting.
  • Low Minimum Bet Requirement. The platform accommodates all levels of bettors by accepting bets as low as 1 mBTC, making it accessible even for casual bettors or those just starting out.
  • Promotional Offer. A notable attraction for new users is the promotional free bet offered by After placing three bets using the bot, the user’s fourth bet is free, up to 1 mBTC. This offer is an excellent incentive for new players to try out the bot.
  • Convenience. The ability to check odds, place bets, and manage transactions directly through Telegram significantly enhances the user experience by offering convenience and ease of use.
  • Accessibility. With its low minimum bet requirement and the acceptance of various cryptocurrencies, caters to a wide range of users, from casual bettors to more serious enthusiasts.
  • Promotional Offers. The free bet offer for new users is an attractive feature that encourages trial and engagement with the platform.

Trading and Finance

Stock Pro

Stock Pro is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in the stock market, whether they are seasoned traders, financial experts, or casual investors. This Telegram bot is designed to provide real-time financial market data with ease and efficiency.

Stock Pro
  • Real-time Market Data. Stock Pro offers instant access to the latest prices of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, indices, and commodities. This real-time data is crucial for making informed trading decisions.
  • Easy Access to Information. Users can quickly retrieve price information by simply entering the company name or ticker symbol. This feature eliminates the need for navigating through complex financial websites or apps.
  • Custom Watchlists. One of the standout features of Stock Pro is its ability to track custom watchlists. Users can create lists of stocks they are interested in and receive consolidated price data in a single message. This functionality makes it easier to monitor potential trading opportunities and keep an eye on market movements.
  • Integration with Telegram Channels. Stock Pro isn’t limited to its own channel; it can be called upon in any Telegram group. By typing ‘@stockprobot’ followed by the stock symbol, users can quickly get the latest price information, making it a valuable addition to stock and trading-focused channels.



Smokey Bot is a Telegram bot that serves a crucial role in providing real-time air pollution data across the globe. This bot is particularly valuable for individuals who are environmentally conscious or have health concerns related to air quality.

  • Real-Time Air Pollution Data. Smokey Bot utilizes the user’s location to deliver up-to-date information on air pollution levels in their area. This feature is essential for people who need to make informed decisions about outdoor activities, especially those with respiratory issues or other health concerns related to air quality.
  • Guides on Smog and At-Risk Areas. The bot provides detailed guides on smog, identifying areas that are at high risk of air pollution. This information is crucial for planning travel or daily activities in urban and industrial areas where air quality can vary significantly.
  • Advice on Surviving and Reducing Air Pollution. Smokey Bot offers practical advice on how to survive in high pollution conditions and tips on reducing one’s carbon footprint. This guidance is beneficial for individuals looking to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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