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Animate & Amaze Online! Top Apps to animate photos

Animating photos online in 2023 is not difficult. There are some services that allow photos to smile, gesture, even animate photos to music. The article has selected the best programs and applications that can animate photos on Android, iPhone, and desktop.

Most online services and applications for animating photographs have a free plan, but with a limited number of uses.


Apps for animating photos on Android and iPhone

Wombo ai — an app where photos sing

wombo ai app

The app works using a neural network and promotes the concept of deepfake. The essence of its operation is that the program animates the photo using the movements and facial expressions of the person being filmed. With Wombo, you can not only animate photographs, but also make a face come to life in a photo to music.

To animate a face in the app, the user will need to upload a photo and select the desired track from the list.

Wombo supports the lip-sync function. This means that not only is the photo animated online, but the person’s mouth opens in time with the music.

Avatarify — animate any photo

An exclusive app for the iOS operating system. The neural network animates photos during video calls. Avatarify quickly went viral due to the videos made ‘with celebrities’ on Skype and Zoom.

avatarify app

The trial period of the app is 7 days. After that, access to the photo animation feature becomes paid.

  • How to animate a photo online? One of the 8 apps-services that we described in our review can easily handle this task. Just choose the one you like, install it, and animate a photo or picture in 2 clicks!


In addition to animating photographs, Reface can make a full-fledged clip with a song. Yes, in this app the photo sings! It works with both photographs and selfies.

reface app

Reface Functionality:

  • The Face Swap technology processes and replaces your face with any face from a photograph.
  • Round Face Swap replaces your face with a celebrity’s face, keeping accessories on the head and face.
  • After you have made a singing photo in the app, you can share it with friends.
  • With technologies based on neural networks, you can animate photographs and images, as long as the faces can be visually distinguished.
  • Frequently updated library. Visit often to make an animated photo.


The app allows you to make an animated photo. StoryZ doesn’t have an intuitive interface, but the results of the photo animation make up for it. After applying the filter that animates the photo, you will be able to set the trajectory of facial movements and other overlays yourself.

storyz ai app

The functionality of the app is partially limited in the free mode. The full set is available only with a paid subscription.

storyz app testing animating photo


The app for animating photographs also has other filters besides the main function. The developer’s library contains over a hundred filters and overlays to make the animated photo look natural.

vimage app

Work process:

  • Upload the original photo
  • Choose the necessary filters
  • Wait while the neural network animates the photo

The program can be downloaded for free, but you will need to register in the system. There are no paid tariffs. Only a registered user can download the animated photo.


Remini is an application that uses artificial intelligence to animate and enhance the quality of photographs. It is based on deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms.


It works by analyzing the structure and information in the image, after which it restores details and adds color with texture for a more realistic and lively appearance. It also processes photos to improve their sharpness, eliminate noise, and remove artifacts.

Online photo animation services

In this section, we have collected only desktop applications that animate photographs. You will be able to animate photos to play a prank on your friends, find distant relatives, and even create a family tree!

Deep Nostalgia by MyHeritage – a photo animation program

my heritage deep nostalgia animate photos

An online photo animation service. The Deep Nostalgia neural network works equally well with black-and-white and color photographs. A distinctive feature of this application is the study of family history and the search for relatives around the world.

original image for testing deep nostalgia

The ‘Complete package’ subscription allows unlimited use of the Deep Nostalgia neural network. You can use Deep Nostalgia for free, but in this case, the number of photos created will be limited.

Photo Animer by Cutout is a program for animating photos.

Photo Animer by Cutout

A distinctive feature of Photo Animer is that besides photos, it can animate pictures and sketches made with pencil, sculptures, frames from films, and cartoons. Animation using artificial intelligence takes from 10 to 20 seconds. The animation mostly works with the face, whether it’s a frame from a movie or a sketch of a person standing full-length.

photo to test cutout

Creative Cloud Express by Adobe is a photo animation program

Since the technology is based on Adobe, in addition to animating photos, you can apply other effects. You need to select a photo and apply the function of frame-by-frame processing of facial expressions. After that, other effects similar to Instagram filters are applied to the final result.

Creative Cloud Express by Adobe


Online photo animation services provide a unique opportunity to turn static images into dynamic moments. Animating photos online is becoming increasingly accessible, allowing us to fully enjoy the magic of moving images.

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